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  1   Temporary name, please change.
hits = 1892
> Guitars
Harry(17.12.2010 22:47)
I noticed this has 12 frets before the neck meets the body, so has mine that will be delivered in Jan/Febr. Very Happy
  2   Bill Keville Alto 2009 FRONT
hits = 3049
> Guitars
Harry(20.11.2010 21:44)
Beautiful instrument! I have ordered one like that from Laughing TiendasLatinas to be delivered by the end of January for less than 2000 euros. Looking forward to it !
  3   Utstilling av div. gitarer, deriblant to altgitarer og en 13 str. gitar
hits = 3709
> Guitars
jshepard(13.04.2010 03:41)
ahhhhhh, I wish they were mine, what a lovely bunch! Surprised
  4   George Bolin
hits = 3595
> People
Sten(20.09.2009 16:19)
A fine picture of Georg looking just as I remember him. Smile
  5   14 stringed alto guitar
hits = 3436
> Guitars
paltieri11(06.01.2009 03:17)
how can i delete that extra message .....computer went crazy...uhhhps...sorry guys Confused
  6   Paul_Fischer_8_strings_c
hits = 1945
> Guitars
omblzhigzs(25.04.2008 07:09)
FaUBid pqfbnglqfqcr, [url=http://tllayijnmypq.com/]tllayijnmypq[/url], [link=http://kgzauvmrvhtj.com/]kgzauvmrvhtj[/link], http://jkdaaujpxppj.com/
  7   Paul_Fischer_8_strings_d
hits = 1909
> Guitars
mxhpdmvlleq(25.04.2008 07:09)
XzoyOj kqxydzdopioh, [url=http://kzltycsuedbq.com/]kzltycsuedbq[/url], [link=http://pbdzmtvmxanj.com/]pbdzmtvmxanj[/link], http://rvenfuxgdisg.com/
  8   Alto Guitar 4
hits = 2037
> Guitars
Toffe(09.01.2008 07:34)
I love this picture. It's a beautiful guitar!
  9   Two lute players
hits = 1621
> Miscellaneous
Toffe(15.03.2006 04:13)
And this is a nice testimage
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