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Welcome to AltoGuitar.com
 This is a community for the Alto Guitar players of the world.

This is the place to go to connect with other players, luthiers and enthusiasts of Altgitarren.

The Alto Guitar is a fairly new instrument, constructed in the 60s by the swedish luthier, piano- and furniture maker George Bolin. In swedish it's called "Altgitarr", which means Alto Guitar. It usually has 11 strings, but some models have up to 13. Eventually there will be an article up with more information about the instrument.

Also you may upload pictures in the gallery, maybe of your instruments, or of you when you play masterclass.
On the forum there is a file archive where you may upload sheet music, tabulature, audio and other media.
Post any links you wish to see on the page. I'll be more than happy to link to your sites if they are in some
way remotely assiciated to Alto Guitars, Lutes or other instruments and music of interest.
But most of all, you're welcome to join in a community of many talented musicians from all over the world.
Welcome! Make this place yours.

Christoffer Wadensten, Sweden

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Ten String Silent guitar, amplificated with Yamaha preamp and custom made transductor under the bridge saddle.JPG

Custom travel guitar, guitar neck, shellac finishing.JPG

Ten String Silent guitar, amplificated with Yamaha preamp and custom made transductor under the bridge saddle.JPG

Travel guitar, Decacorde Silent guitar, scale lenght 640 mm., Ebony fingerboard.JPG

10 string Silent guitar, Ebony headstock, bone nut, Ebony fretboard.JPG

8 string Flamenco guitar neck and heel made of Honduras Cedar, total neck thickness 17 mm. to 18 mm. Shellac varnishing.jpg

8stringed Flamenco Blanca guitar, guitar length, Cypress ribs, height sides, guitar neck_truss rod_guitar neck relief_strings action. Guitar neck thick.jpg

8 string Flamenco Blanca guitar, Ebony Fingerboard with 22 frets. Wide of the guitar neck at nut 61 mm., at 12th fret 75 mm.jpg

8stringed Cypress Flamenco guitar.

8 string Flamenco Blanca guitar, scale lenght 628 mm., made in Italy Flamenco guitar.jpg