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Best string for 8th string with no extension (1 viewing) (1) Guest
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TOPIC: Best string for 8th string with no extension
Glen (User)
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Best string for 8th string with no extension 2 Years, 10 Months ago Karma: 3  
I have mentioned this in the middle of other threads, but I thought it would be good to start a new thread dedicated to this.

I had the 8th string extension removed from my guitar so the nut now covers strings 1 through 8. At first I thought a 045W string would be enough extra diameter to be good for the new 8th string. It was okay, but I ultimately decided thicker was required, so I went up to the 048W. This was better.

Recently I went to an even thicker string - an Aranjuez 7th string from their 10-string set. That string is .053 inch diameter and is absolutely perfect. Not only do fretted notes sound much stronger, but its bronze color compared to the neighboring silver-wound basses makes it easy to spot at a glance. The adjacent strings become easier to find, too. It's like having a dot on the 7th fret. This has become an unexpected additional benefit to having that 8th string extension removed.

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