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Title Performers Publisher Record Year Subject

Per-Olof Johnson Per-Olof Johnson EMI E 061-34395


Contains Dowland, Milan, Narvaez, Mudarra performed on alto guitar, and Mezangeau, Tarrega, Sor, Villa-Lobos and Hallnäs performed on a prim guitar by Bolin.

Svensk gitarrmusik Per-Olof Johnson Caprice CAP 1236


Swedish "guitar" music. Assagio, by J. H. Roman performed on alto guitar, original is for violin. Strängaspel, by H. Hallnäs and Bellmaniana, by P-O Johnson performed on prim guitar by Bolin.

Bellman, Seventeen Tunes Anders Forsström and Alve Johansson Proprius PROP 9929 1984 Arrangements and Variations on themes from the repertoire of C. M. Bellman made by Ulf Goran Åhslund. They are performed on two Bolin guitars. One 6 stringed tierce guitar, tuned g1-d1-bb1-f1-c1-g, and one 8 stringed alto guitar, tuned gi-di-bb1-f1-c1-g-f-eb.

Göran Söllscher Göran Söllscher Deutshe Grammophonen 2531 195 1979 Göran Söllscher debut record. J. S. Bach's Fugue g-minor BWV 1000 and Prelude, Fugue and Allegro, BWV 998

Göran Söllscher Göran Söllscher Deutshe Grammophonen 2531 303 1980 Second side contains Dowland performed on an alto guitar.

Cavatina Göran Söllscher Deutshe Grammophonen 2531 365 1981 Side two contains a suite, BWV 1006a, by J. S. Bach, performed on an alto guitar.

Johann Sebastian Bach Göran Söllscher Deutshe Grammophonen 410 643-1 1983 Fugue in G-minor, BWV 1000, Suite in G-minor, BWV 996, Suite in C minor, BWV 997

English Music from the 16th, 17th & 20th Centuries Mats Bergström Polar POLS 406 1986 Bachelar, Dowland, Byrd, Bowers, Walton & Lennon/McCartney. It was available in Lp format only. The works by Bachelar, Dowland, Byrd and Here There and everywhere by Lennon/McCartney are performed on Alto guitar.


Title Performer(s) Publisher Record Year Subject

Nils Klöfver, Guitar & Alto Guitar Nils Klöfver Nils Klöfver Records NKCD001 2008 Nils Klöfver, guitar & alto guitar includes works by J.S. Bach, John Dowland and Johann Anton Logy for alto guitar and some of the most loved guitar pieces for the six stringed instrument. The alto guitar used is built by  Henrik Jansson.

Buy on www.nilsklofver.com or download on iTunes.

Werke fur Gitarre Göran Söllscher Deutshe Grammophonen 437 651-2 1979
Same Dowland recordings as on DG 2531 303 above

Greensleeves Göran Söllscher Deutshe Grammophonen 413 325-2 1982 Cutting, Anonymous, Dowland and Weiss played on the alto guitar

J. S. Bach - Works for Lute vol. 1 Göran Söllscher Deutshe Grammophonen 410 643-2 1983 Fugue in G-minor, BWV 1000, Suite in G-minor, BWV 996, Suite in C minor, BWV 997. All Söllschers Bach recordings are "must have".

J. S. Bach - Works for Lute vol. 2 Göran Söllscher Deutshe Grammophonen 413 719-2 198
Prelude in C minor, BWV 999, Suite in G minor, BWV 995, Preludium, Fugue and Allegro in E flat major, BWV 998, Suite in E flat major (org. E major), BWV 1006a

J. S. Bach: Suites - Sonatas Göran Söllscher Deutshe Grammophonen 435 471-2 1992 Transcriptions of works for cello and violin

Here, There And Everywhere Göran Söllscher Deutshe Grammophonen 447 104-2 1995 Beatles songs arranged for the guitar, some of them for the alto guitar

Swedish guitar music Göran Söllscher CAPRICE records CAP 21514 1996 Last track on this CD is a original composition from 1992-94. Composed, for the alto guitar, by the Swedish composer Daniel Börtz.

Classical Guitar Peder Riis opus 3 CD 8015 1982 Bach's Suite No 2 (BWV 997) and two Weiss compositions performed on alto guitar. A third Weiss composition, "Tombeau sur la Morte de M. Conte de Logy" is performed on a 11 stringed contra guitar. This is a lovely record, one of my favourites. It also also has good recordings of some Villa Lobos music.

Transcriptions Gitarrkvartetten opus 3 CD 7810 1978 A Swedish guitar quartet, founded in the seventies by Peder Riis. Their first two recordings on opus 3 featured, besides a prim guitar, one 11 stringed soprano guitar, one 11 stringed alto guitar and one 11 stringed bass guitar. The soprano guitar is a restrunged alto guitar, tuned c1 g1 d1 bb f c G F E D C, and the bass guitar is a restrunged contra guitar, tuned b f# d A E B A1 G1 F1 E1 D1.

Bach - Teleman Stockholm Guitar Quartet opus 3 CD 7915 1980 This is the same quartet as above, with a new name but the same guitars.

Mendelssohn - Brahms - Debussy Stockholm Guitar Quartet opus 3 CD 9001 1991 On this record the quartet has switched to four new guitars, built by another Swedish luthier, Lars Jönsson. On the cover picture all four seems to be 8 stringed. In the booklet they are named soprano, alto, tenor and bass guitars. There is no information about how they are tuned. But the sound is lovely.

Guitar Flames Christer Karlberg nosag CD 030 1998 Weiss, Dowland, T. Robinson, B. Bulman and Cutting

Erik Satie Anders Miolin BIS BIS-CD-586 1992 A lovely recording of piano works by Erik Satie. All transcribed to and performed on alto guitar

Maurice Ravel Anders Miolin BIS BIS-CD-886 1997 Some of the works transcribed to and performed on a alto guitar. Most on a 10 stringed guitar built by Corbellari and Kapeller

Guitar Carsten Grøndahl GVM GVMC-9201 1992 Dowland and Bach on a alto guitar by G. Bolin from 1975.

Baroque Music Carsten Grøndahl GVM GVMCD-9703 1997 Bach, Telemann, Baron and Händel, most of it played on a alto guitar by G. Bolin from 1975.

4 hands Mats Norrefalk Börje Sandquist Gazell Records 1998 A Swedish guitar duo playing on all sorts of guitars, including a alto guitar.

The Artistry of Clas Pehrsson

Clas Pehrsson, recorder
Cecilia Peijel, guitar
Solveig Faringer
Jörgen Rörby lute

BIS CD-135 1994
Actually a recorder CD, but it contains two solo pieces for Alto guitar, a Ricerare by Francesco da Milano and a Pavane by Ferrabosco. And also two pieces featuring the Alto guitar and recorder, Dowlands Lacrimae arranged by van EYCK, and three Recercades by D. Ortiz.